Vedani Botanicals Oil Cleansers

How many skin care products have you purchased and liked? How many skin care products have you purchased and hated? Most importantly how many pennies do you feel you’ve wasted trying to find something that will actually work for you? When I tried the Vedani Botanicals cleansing oils for the first time I knew it […]

My Top Brushes

When I first started using make-up, I used my fingers or a cheap sponge to apply it with. No one told me about how amazing it was to use brushes, so I struggled on none the wiser. Until I bought my first brush and it changed my life, haha! Looking back I wish someone had shown me the world […]

My Staple Products

Being a make-up artist, I am CONSTANTLY buying new products for my kit. I get to try lots of different products and experiment with make-up a lot. But recently I have realised how many products I stick to or that I always go back to and to me that means they must be really good products. I […]

The Lipstick Tag

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for my first proper post so I thought I’d start off with something simple. So I decided I’d do one on my make-up obsession – lipstick! (I found this fun tag online)   1. How many lipsticks do you own? I currently have 40 lipsticks in my […]