Lashes on FLEEK

Who doesn’t LOVE lashes?? Well, I suppose any of you who struggle to apply them probably don’t love them all that much, eh? I have finally mastered it so now false lashes are my new besties. I wanna spread the love and tell you about my favourite brands and styles because I feel like I’ve […]

Oh Heyyyyyy!

Well, well, well It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted something up on here, I can only apologise! I have been going through a spell where I just wasn’t feeling very inspired at all, any of you creatives will know how HARD it is to produce work you’re satisfied with/proud of, when you just aren’t […]

My Favourite Five!

I’ve decided to start writing a post each month talking about my five favourite products of that month! Ideally I’ll be posting on the last day of each month (I know this one is late but the idea has only just come to me, haha!) So to start off I will be doing my five […]

Christmas Gift Guide

Its that time of year again and unless you were extremely organised, I’m going to assume that not everyone is finished with their Christmas shopping.  Now, I know that some people can be very tricky to buy for, including the make-up monsters among us who seem to have it all! So I thought I’d put […]

My Experience with Arbonne

Recently I’ve been trying out some Arbonne products given to me by my lovely friend Chloe. I had never tried Arbonne before so I was looking forward to giving them a try! I was given samples of the “Clear Future” range which included a face wash, exfoliator and a moisturiser. I was also given samples […]