Lashes on FLEEK

Who doesn’t LOVE lashes??

Well, I suppose any of you who struggle to apply them probably don’t love them all that much, eh?

I have finally mastered it so now false lashes are my new besties. I wanna spread the love and tell you about my favourite brands and styles because I feel like I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur, if you don’t mind me saying so.. haha!

I’m gonna talk about my 3 favourite brands; Eylure, Ardell & Nouveau Lashes.

Eylure have got to be my faves at the moment, specifically the No. 117’s. They are PERFECT for daytime wear. I’m such a lazy girl at heart when it comes to hair and make-up.. & clothes for that matter, I’m a creature of comfort! The 117’s have been my best friend recently! I’ve just been putting some concealer, highlight and a lil bit of lippie (no brows for me girls) and then sticking these bad boys on instead of mascara. They look amazing, nice and wispy and natural looking. For night time wear I like to use the No. 157’s or the No. 202’s because I love a bold eye! The only problem I have with the second two styles is that because they are a fuller lash, they have a thick band which takes a bit of bending to soften and mould to the curve of your own eye. Other than that, I can’t fault them at all! Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Ardell are an old staple, I feel like if you’re a beginner and are gonna try lashes, Ardell is usually the brand you go for. The most well known style I would say are the good old Demi Wispies! Total all round winner, they are long but not like camel lashes, they are wispy but not like spiders legs and are just the right amount of volume in my opinion! They are super similar to the eylure No. 117’s actually. I love using the Demi Wispies in my kit, along with the “Demi” and the “Wispies” too, they are such a universal style, everyone seems to love em!

Nouveau lashes are my newest pick, particularly the collection Millie MacIntosh has with the brand. They are such nice quality and let me just say they have the BEST glue ever, better than Duo and that’s a statement! Its so sticky and doesn’t budge at all – the best part??? It’s completely odourless! Duo & the eylure glue have a profound smell, sort of fishy (gross I know) and I have no idea why? Give the Nouveau one a try if you’re like me and are really not up for sticking fishy lashes on your eyes haha! My favourite styles (other than the Millie MacIntosh ones) from the Nouveau collection are the Natural/Style 3’s and the Volume/Style 4’s – sooo beautiful

All the website’s for these products are linked if you want give them some love,

Georgia xo

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