Oh Heyyyyyy!

Well, well, well

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted something up on here, I can only apologise! I have been going through a spell where I just wasn’t feeling very inspired at all, any of you creatives will know how HARD it is to produce work you’re satisfied with/proud of, when you just aren’t motivated.

I have finally got the cobwebs blown off and the cogs are turning again, I’m not stuck in my rut any more! I feel like that’s something that can affect all of us from time to time. We get set in our ways and can’t seem to break away from the same routines or in my case the lack of routine!

I’m feeling totally refreshed! I have had my little office redecorated and it’s had a fresh lick of paint. I have positioned my desk in front of the window so the light floods in whilst I’m sat at my computer doing all of the boring stuff (boooo to book keeping and accounts!) I’m about to go and clean all of my make-up brushes – ALL OF THEM. I am just on a little buzz at the moment haha!

I’m hoping to start posting regularly on here again because, although I’ve spent the last few months totally stressed out, i’ve really missed blogging etc. I’ll hopefully be getting more content on my YouTube channel too – fingers crossed – in the not too distant future!

I’ve set myself a lot of different goals, so here’s to smashing all of them!

Thanks for sticking with me during this little hiatus, You da best!

Georgia xo

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