My Favourite Five!

I’ve decided to start writing a post each month talking about my five favourite products of that month! Ideally I’ll be posting on the last day of each month (I know this one is late but the idea has only just come to me, haha!)

So to start off I will be doing my five favourite products from January 2016!

Georgia Buckley Make-Up Artist


My first favourite has to be a new love in my life, the Korres Jasmine Lip Butter. This is a gorgeous product, it isn’t sticky or greasy but makes your lips feel incredibly nourished and soft. I can confidently say this is the best lip product I have ever used! It doesn’t smell too much like Jasmine – more like toffee or caramel to me weirdly enough – but if you don’t like the sound of the scent, they do have a wide range of different smells/flavours. For £8 I think this is great and my new holy grail lip balm!

Georgia Buckley Make-Up Artist

My second favourite has to be the Gwen Stefani palette by Urban Decay. This is an awesome product because you can create so many different looks! It has cool tones, warm tones, mattes and shimmers and also a few bold colours too. It’s perfect for someone who is getting more creative with shadows! I have been using it non stop!

Georgia Buckley Make-Up Artist

My third favourite is the Nouveau lashes I picked up by chance in TK Maxx. It was a pair by Millie MacIntosh and I’m unaware of the style because I threw the packaging away but they are just stunning and so comfortable to wear! I will need to start buying more from Nouveau, the glue they came with is great too – I actually think it’s better than Duo!

My fourth favourite is a face mask by Lush. I’ve always had oily skin and have always focused on products to make it less oily and shiny, so when the winter came and my skin became dry and tight on my face I had no idea what to do! So, I went into lush to buy my first ever mask and the girl recommended “Rosy Cheeks” which is apparently made to help with “winter skin”. Now I am not normally a fan of floral smells (especially rose) but I just LOVE this product. It smells fresh and makes my face baby soft. Most importantly it relieves my poor dry skin!

Georgia Buckley Make-Up Artist

My fifth and final fave is a company called My Kit Co. This is a wonderful company that sells make-up brushes and things like make-up bags, tools, sponges etc. I absolutely love it, the designs are simple, cute and practical. I have been searching for almost a year to find good quality see through bags for my make-up kit that don’t cost a fortune and FINALLY I have found one! The service that this company provides is incredible and I’m so over the moon that I now know it exists! I can’t wait to place another order soon!

Georgia Buckley Make-Up Artist


I will be posting another one of these “Favourite Five” posts on the last day of every month just incase you enjoyed reading this one! I have tagged all of the websites for each product if you are interested in purchasing!

Georgia xo

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