My Experience with Arbonne

Recently I’ve been trying out some Arbonne products given to me by my lovely friend Chloe. I had never tried Arbonne before so I was looking forward to giving them a try! I was given samples of the “Clear Future” range which included a face wash, exfoliator and a moisturiser. I was also given samples of the intelligence rejuvinationg cream, a make-up primer and a foundation.

I’m going to start by talking about the Clear Future range. These products all have salicylic said in them which is popular with people who suffer from acne or spot prone skin. I really liked how these products left my skin feeling so clean,  however in conjunction with some medication I have been taking to improve the condition of my skin ( which have made my skin incredibly dry) I felt the salicylic acid was perhaps too much for me at the moment. I do think that if you have oily skin it would be perfect for you! The face wash lathers well even with a small amount and I really love that because in my opinion there’s nothing worse than when a face cleanser doesn’t lather! The exfoliator doesn’t have any beads in it so if you don’t like the scratchy feeling of an exfoliator then you might just love this one.

The Intelligence Rejuvenation Cream was a lovely product to use due to my skin being so dry recently. It’s a really hydrating cream, something you just can’t go wrong with. I used it while I was on holiday when I was “on the go” to keep my dry skin from being tight.

The make-up primer I love! I still use it now because it lasts AGES! It’s a silicone based primer so it has that velvety texture and makes your skin feel so soft! I love wearing it as it gives your make-up something to stick to and provides a blank canvas to apply foundation. It helps to blur any imperfections and smooth out the appearance of your skin.

The foundation was the product I was most skeptical about as I am a foundation snob. I only want to apply the best products to my unruly skin! I was pleasantly surprised with this one however because I loved wearing it! It looked like my own skin but better and made me look healthy without the cakey feeling of a normal foundation! I could only really wear this on holiday as it is slightly too dark but I really enjoyed using it while I could! Im going to try mixing it with some white face & body foundation by MAC to see if that lightens it up a bit so I can use up the rest!


I really loved testing out these Arbonne products and if you are interested in trying some out yourself get in touch with Chloe, she’s a lovely lady who really knows her products well! I cannot recommend her enough! Thanks girl!

Georgia xo

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