Are Make-Up Trends Changing The Way We Think?

Contouring, strobing, baking, cooking and now TONTOURING?! What’s it gonna be next?

Kimmy K sent the make-up world crazy back in 2014 when she uploaded a snap of herself with make-up that resembled war paint, all over her face. The result of it blended was magnificent. She looked airbrushed and so effortless! However what a lot of people forget is that she was under artificial lighting which makes this incredibly heavy – and often in natural light, cakey – looking make-up, look perfect!

What a lot of people don’t seem to know is that this technique is actually used by drag queens and before that in black and white photography, so it’s actually “old hat”. With this trend followed others such as strobing, which is the used of highlighting products on the high points of your face but no bronzers or dark colours (so no contouring basically). Then “baking/cooking” powders, which involves leaving large amounts of powder on your face in the highlighted area for up to 15 minutes and then brushing away to make the product last longer and the area look brighter. Now the latest, which is tontouring.. This is using fake tan, YES, fake tan to contour with and then once it has developed, wash it off and have a sort of semi-permanent contour.

This trend for me personally, is ridiculous. Before I go any further please remember this is entirely my own opinion and that I am in no way trying to dictate what anyone else does make-up wise. But why is someone always trying to better the last trend, I mean tontouring is like a last attempt to get one up on the original contour method.. I just feel that sometimes these types of “trends” can consume us and how we think about make-up. If you want to go to work/school with full contour/highlight THAT’S FINE. But do it for you, not because Kim Kardashian is doing it. Make-up is supposed to be fun, so please don’t feel like you are restricted to only contouring and highlighting and only wearing gold & bronze eyeshadows because “that’s what’s in”. If you wanna rock a full blown purple smokey eye and green lipstick do it. If you wanna rock full contour and highlight, do it. If you wanna rock minimal make-up, do it. If you wanna rock no make-up, do it!

No one should ever feel pressured about wearing make-up, it’s an art and another way to express yourself, so just do you because you are beautiful! Please don’t ever forget this.

Georgia xo

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