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Being a make-up artist, I am CONSTANTLY buying new products for my kit. I get to try lots of different products and experiment with make-up a lot. But recently I have realised how many products I stick to or that I always go back to and to me that means they must be really good products. I thought I’d share with you my favourite products, my “ride or die” must haves that I would struggle to do my make-up with out.

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The first one is a bit boring but it’s honestly my all time, favourite product. This is something I know I would fall flat on my face if I didn’t have. I wouldn’t, infact no, I couldn’t use anything else to prime my eyelids before eyeshadow. Nothing will ever compare.

This is the MAC paint pot in the shade “Painterly”. I swear, these are the best eyeshadow bases EVER, I have tried other eyeshadow bases and primers, but for me, this is The One. It’s a similar consistency to a cream concealer, it applies smoothly and covers all the discolouration I have going on on my eyelids. It gives you a lovely blank canvas to create any eye look, or even to just wear alone! This product comes in a wide range of shades and it retails for £16.00. If the price puts you off remember, these little guys last sooo long! I’ve had mine for years and it’s still going strong, the consistency/colour is exactly the same as when I bought it. I could rave about this all day long and if anyone was to ask me what product I recommended, it would definitely be this one.


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Next is an eyebrow product that I bought solely because everyone and their mother had it & raved about it. I was in the market for a new brow product because the powder just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. So I decided to buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills “Dipbrow Pomade” in the shade dark brown. This stuff is a strange one. It’s like a gel and a mousse in one, I don’t know how else to put it, but it goes on like a dream..

You can be very light handed with this and build up the strokes to create a lovely natural looking brow. You can also be a little bit heavier and have those “on fleek” Instagram gradient brows. It’s such a good product for people with less brow hair or that have naturally thin, sparse or extremely light eyebrows. The product retails for £15.00 and comes in an extremely wide colour range. I bought mine in dark brown and also the shade taupe, which would be great for people who have grey/silver or bleach blonde hair. I do wear both shades but reach for this one more often. I love this sooo much more than I thought I would and would definitely find it hard to go back to just a powder!


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Moving on to eyeshadow, if someone asked me what palette I get the most use out of I would have to say Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Basics palette. This palette for me is perfect. You can create the most natural of eye looks but also incredible smokey looks too. The colours are all sort of taupe hues so they are more on the cool toned side. It features 5 matte shades and 1 shimmery shade.

What I love the most is that unlike the first basics palette, the darkest shade “Undone” isn’t a pure black. It’s a very dark browny-black shade that to me looks like suede. Now, this shadow can change a look instantly! If you had on a simple matte eye and then placed this in the outer third and on the lower lash line, you would get such depth, that it’d look like you’d spent time building up the colour when really you’d taken one colour and simply blended it in. So for me, this palette is great, you have all the shades you would need to create such a variety of looks that you don’t really need much else. This palette retails for £23.00.




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Next is a product that I normally don’t care about. Usually I never have more than one or two mascaras and I’ve only really used Rimmel or Maybelline, but last year on my holidays I picked up two mascaras that have changed my life, one more so than the other. The first was the good old Two Faced “Better Than Sex” mascara that I post about a lot (I’m actually almost through my second tube) but the other I try to use very, very sparingly because it’s by a brand called which is very hard to get your hands on in the UK – and I don’t fancy paying that hefty shipping bill from Sephora!

It’s called the Tarte “Gifted” mascara and let me tell you, this changed my life, it made me believe, I have fallen hard for this stuff. I hardly touch it anymore though because I am so scared I run completely dry before my holiday in October (where I will be seriously restocking on this). It has Amazonian Clay in it which is great for restoring hydration, thus keeping your mascara flake-free and looking amazing, which I can certainly vouch for! It is also said to prevent lash loss & improve lash health. I have no idea where else you can get this other than Sephora where it retails for £14.11 or QVC for £19.44, but no matter what way you get it, it is totally worth it!


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Lastly is a bronzer that I bought earlier this year. It’s a baked bronzer by Milani in the shade “Soleil”. It’s a lovely warm shade with a gold shimmer thought it. This is beautiful to warm up the face and also looks good lightly dusted on the top of your collar bones, as the shimmer offers a lovely glow. I love this product because it’s just so versatile, I like to bronze the outer perimeters of the face and add it through the crease too with a shimmery shadow on the lid. It just makes you look so glowy and healthy without looking cakey or muddy like some other bronzers. This retails for £7.00 so it is cheap & cheerful and does a beautiful job!


I hope you have enjoyed reading this and treat yourself to some of these items because they will change your make-up experience. I have added links straight to the websites where you can find them so happy shopping and you’re welcome, hehe!

Georgia xo

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